Leader pin covers (die pin covers)

For decades die operators have looked for a simple and durable cover for exposed die leader pins. Susceptible to the environment, dust and debris can gall and damage die leader pins, affecting precision and maintenance. Other available covers can be cumbersome to install and maintain.Our new product (patent pending) presents a solution for you! Nesting EW steel sleeves fit into a two-piece collar around your bushing. It’s easy to install and can be quickly and securely removed.

Made for vertical die leader pins

The leader pin cover is for dies, especially trim dies. Order your die leader pin covers tailored to accommodate the bushing diameter, pin diameter, pin length, daylight, and shut measurements.

Your die leader pins will be protected keeping them clean and efficient, extending their usefulness.

Leader pin cover sleeves need no fasteners and are easily removed. Leader pin covers also help eliminate pinch points for die operators.